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Cooking Classes - Group Class Package

Turn your home into one of the finest restaurant in the world.

  • Fun and easy to learn exciting recipes
  • Guaranteed delicious food
  • Excellent Gluten-Free options you can make at home

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Group Cooking Class with Chef Massimo

Please contact us for prices and schedules

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Food and Wine pairing classes

Everything you need to know about food and wine pairings in a fun and exciting environment.

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Individual Classes

 3 to 4 hours first session           
With this class you will receive one on one involvement with personal coaching from Chef Massimo on:

  • Eating habits
  • Recipe creations
  • Shopping for health meal planning choices, including field trips to Farmers Markets and local businesses
  • Nutrition tips
  • Cooking classes and training
  • Obtaining consistency

Foolowing 3 weeks - 1 Session per week          

consulting, extra training and recipe making 

My story in a book

Ingredients For Life Cookbook

Massimo Navarretta takes us into the era of healthy, incredibly tasty, easily-prepared recipes now that fresh ingredients are so readily obtained throughout the year

I've had the pleasure and honor to taste his food many times and I am excited to follow his tips on his wonderful and simple recipes.

                                          Roger Mc Williams

I am very pleased about the release of this book as it means Massimo is sharing his genius and artistic skills with all of us, who have been searching for an answer to the needed proverbial "lifestyle change".

                                           Gary L. Kaltenbach