First a farmer, then a chef and finally a wine maker


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Welcome to the world of Onotria, a fine culinary experience filled with excellent products, world acclaimed Italian wines, and very unique events which will bring the culture and taste of Italy 

to every table. 

Chef Massimo


Chef Massimo Navaretta is originally from Avignano in Caserta, Italy where he grew up absorbing the love for the best cuisine in the world and enjoying the precious recipes of his beloved mother.  His inherited passion for great food led him to his studies of Culinary Arts in Italy, where he learned the finest tricks of what has become his profession. He worked as head Chef in renowned hotels and restaurants in both Italy and around Europe, to then arriving in the United States to bring his expertise, passion and culture to the American palate. He is a certified sommelier and Brand Ambassador of Italian wines sold all over the world. Chef Massimo made his career not only a passion but his way of life. He shares his delicious recipes and wines with family and friends, while educating about his high-end products.